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Man in nature...the nature in man.


Inspired by the dialog between the duality of art and science, the dichotomy of realism and abstraction, and the intersection of technology and craft. I describe this often ambiguous process as ‘Spontaneous Contrivity’, Yes, 'Contrivity'.


Being in the flow, as the Native American artist Fritz Scholder expressed, “Is walking that tightrope between accident and discipline.”

I paint portraits, landscapes and objects from my life, my photography and from memory. After years of being immersed in the world of visual semiotics with an emphasis in the field of identity design, and schooled in the Swiss modernistic approach to design principles, I am continually intrigued by the minimal and instant read of an icon, index or symbol. while exploring that disconnect between what we see and what we expect to see.

For the past 12 years, my focus on the neuroscience of interpreting visual information and its application to 'art' both technically and emotionally, was continually reinforced through teaching Design, Creative Conceptualization and Visual Semiotics at NYU (New York University).


I find juxtaposition and duality, often molded into the same picture, a fascinating and compelling enigma to explore, in narrative and in process...

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